Chai Lao


Chai Lao What is “Chai Lao”?
“Chai Lao”, which literally translates to “The Heart of Lao” in Lao, is a new certified brand of Lao national textile products uniquely composed from Lao silk and cotton. The “Chai Lao” brand was jointly established by the Lao Handicraft Association (LHA) with the guiding coorperation of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). The primary goals of the project are to promote the Lao textile industry domestically as well as to expand its sales and distribution to the international marketplace. This unique cooperative partnership and product branding is a first time endeavor for the Lao textile industry.

 All textile products branded with the “Chai Lao” logo will guarantee the following:

  1. Material composition will be either: 100% Lao silk, 100 % sill, a silk/cotton mix, or 100% cotton.
  2. The use of 100% organically natural or environmentally-friendly chemical dyes.
  3. The products have passed a rigid 7 point quality inspection.


Quality Inspection Items for the Logo “Chai Lao”

“Chai Lao” branded textile products shall be subjected to 7 individual quality control inspection * for:

  1. Fading discoloration from sunlight
  2. Fading discoloration from rubbing
  3. Fading discoloration from perspiration
  4. Fading discoloration from repeated washing
  5. Tear strenght
  6. Percentile rate of dimensional change7. Fiber Identification

 *All quality inspections have been established under the guidance of the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC); the standard bearing textile inspection organization in Japan.

This guidance is enforced by the JEXSA program (JETRO Expert Serive Abroad for Improving Business Environments) which was consigned to JETRO by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.


Whom may acquire “Chai Lao” branding?

Selected members of the Lao textile industry and especially those in the textile category of the LHA may be capable of acquiring “Chai Lao” branding. Textile manufactures who are not enlisted members of the LHA may also apply for “Chai Lao” branded status.

“Chai Lao” as a Marketing Tool

“Chai Lao” is a first time product line branding for the Lao textile industry. Products branded and marketed under the “Chai Lao” logo will have met with and subsequently passed stringent QTEC quality control inspection thus guaranteeing international buyers (and consumers) of the products high quality, durability and utmost reliability.