Lao Handicraft Festival 2012 will be held from 1-7 November .


On the occasion of welcoming the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit that Lao PDR has honorably to be the host country, Lao Handicraft Association (LHA) will hold officially Lao Handicraft Festival 2012 on November 1-7, 2012. The purpose is to promote and to develop this event to become the Market for selling handmade products by Lao people. It has specific typical on art and Lao national culture and also it is a tourist place for tourists both in Laos and Oversea. 

In addition, it is to give an opportunity for Lao artisans to aware on marketing, to exchange lesson and experience in business for improvinlhf2012eng themselves and to expand their business on quality and quantity of goods. In this event, Visitors attending the festival can enjoy fashion shows of Lao costume and Jewelry, craft demonstrations, workshops, product contests and seminars.

Lao Handicraft Association was established on April 1, 1998. In the beginning, its status was just a group of handicraft which had over 20 handicraft producers and until February 2004, it was changed from group to be Lao Handicraft Association.  Its member increased over 100 handicraft producers and currently, there are over 120 handicraft producers in Vientiane Capital and other provinces. Lao Handicraft Association consists of 6 main handicraft sectors such as textiles, jewelry, non-timber forest products, recycled and wood products, pottery and cultural items. 

To Conserve and promote all these handicraft sectors, LHA hold the 1st Lao Handicraft Festival in 2002 and keep on every year. This event is very big festival of member and Lao Artisans from around the country will exhibit and sell a wide range of handmade products in Lao society as International Society.

Therefore, Lao Handicraft Association would like to take this opportunity to invite visitors both in Laos and Oversea to attend and to buy handmade products in Lao Handicraft Festival 2012 at Lao-ITECC, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR on November 01-07, 2012, from 10:00 AM – 20:00 PM, Entrance is free.

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